Welcome to Clucking Good Chickens

We are chicken hobbyist based in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District.  Like most poultry keepers, it all started a few years ago with a couple of hens - then it started to grow! We now keep Brahmas, Marans, Bantam Silkies, White Faced Spanish and Andalusian.

When it comes to breeding, we do our best to preserve the breed standard. We source our breeding stocks from all over the UK and Europe in our quest to get unrelated bloodlines that conform to the breed standard. We only keep recognised colours either in the UK and Europe. We are not interested in the 'one off crossbreeds' created by some Brahmas keepers as money making ventures. 

Our chickens are all well taken care of and fed a mixed diet of quality pellets, grains, seeds, fruits, veg and supplemented with the occasional cod liver oil. We worm them regularly and also water them with garlic and apple cider vinegar. Raised in the Peak District in Derbyshire, these birds have a good immune system and are hardy. They withstand the cold, rain and snow very well as long as they have somewhere dry and sheltered to “put their feet up” when it gets too wet.

All images contained within this website are of our own birds. Please ask permission to reproduce them.