Pair of copper black marans 

True exhibition quality dark brown eggs from our flock. 

 Copper blue maran cockerel

*****News Update: Bakewell 2016 Champion contents. Nantwich 2016 Best plate of 6 dark eggs

We are delighted to have won the BEST NON-STANDARD MARAN at the National Poultry Show 2015. This was won by our stunning home bred Copper Black Maran Cockerel. We also won Best plate of 3 French Maran Eggs and Best Content for French Maran Eggs. **********

Marans are a great breed, being dual purpose. They are good layers of fantastic dark chocolate coloured eggs and are quite a 'chunky' bird. They were develped in Marans, western France. The area is naturally marshy and the birds do well in this type of environment. They are great free ranging birds, being very active, but have quite a placid  nature. The breed is also fairly hardy and disease resistent. They are also very friendly birds.

Our French Copper Marans have lightly feathered legs and vivid copper coloured feathers on their necks that contrast with their stunning black plumage in some of our birds. We also have a few dark blues and splash.  These birds lay around 200 eggs per year of good shell quality and yolk colour. Our copper marans are from a VERY dark egg strain which has taken us many years to build up. The pictures here show the dark maran eggs against normal brown and white eggs - you can see how dark they are! 

True pure bred maran eggs have very hard shells which makes them less porous than ordinary eggs. Due to this fact maran eggs are known to resist bacteria that infect eggs, such as Salmonella and E. coli, much better than ordinary eggs. The downside of less porous hard shelled eggs is that it can sometimes affect the hatchability of the eggs during incubation. Developing chicks will have to be pretty tough and strong in order to hatch out successfully.

Our eggs have just done extremely well at shows.

High Peak Poultry Show Feb 2014 - First in Class for 3 Dark Brown Eggs

Federation Poultry Show 2013 - 3 Firsts with 3 Rosettes for 3 classes of French Maran eggs

Federation Poultry Show 2012 - 3 French Maran egg classes entered - 3 Firsts with 3 Rosettes from the Maran Club.