*****News Update: Nantwich Show 2016 Best of Breed.

Federation Show 2015: Best Dark Cock + Best Dark Cockerel. Well Done Boys!! A truly magnificent father and son team. We are also delighted to have won the BEST DARK BRAHMA MALE at the National Poultry Show 2015. This was won by our home bred young Black Breasted cockerel.We also took FIRST with a Dark Brahma Trio. *****

The Dark Brahma is the traditional colour of the Brahma breed and has been around for many years.  Our Dark Brahmas are very large and friendly birds. One of my favourite sights is when the whole flock comes down onto the lawn - they look very stately and majestic indeed! As with all Brahmas, they have feathered legs and feet. They are an inquisitive bird, particularly when they think there might be some food in the offing! They have been great broodies and will easily cover 12 or more eggs. I have spent hours watching them raise their chicks and the breed is of such, that they will happily bring their family to you for you to feed or pick them up. The cockerels are as friendly as the hens, and they don't crow very often, or very loudly  - which seems to please the neighbours! They are very tolerant of other breeds and the cockerels seem to spend most of their time together. Despite their enormous size, they are the gentle giants of the poultry world.

They lay a medium to large egg but is relatively small for the size of the bird. They do continue to lay through the winter when others stop. However, they don't usually start to lay until they are 7 - 9 months old. The birds themselves don't fully mature until they about 2 years old.

Our Brahmas, and particularly our Dark Brahmas are an on-going and long term project to try and breed birds that reflect the true Brahma standard. It saddens me to see the reduction in size, loss of eye and leg colour and breast colour created by some breeders that only seem intent on creating 'good' pencilling and neglect the standard and health of this magnificent bird. There are, unfortunately, too many unscrupulous breeders that cross related stocks resulting in birds of poor long term health.

There has been no quick fix and it is still a long term project. Our stocks have been specially selected and sourced from the UK and Ireland, as well as several European countries. We have been fortunate to have had the advice and expertise, as well as being able to exchange stocks, from renowned UK Brahma breeders. I truly believe that we now have some of the most true to standard Dark Brahmas in the country, with the 2014 hatch really setting a high standard.