Although the showing of our birds and eggs does not play a major part in us keeping chickens, there are a few local shows and a national show that we have recently started to take our birds and eggs to.

Bakewell Show 2016

A nice way to finish the summer holidays and the first time we had entered into Bakewell show. Our Maran contents entry won Show Champion Egg Contents.

Nantwich Show 2016

Nantwich proved quite good this year. We took firsts in plate of 6 large dark eggs, 3 large tinted & 3 large distinct colours. Second place with 3 large dark eggs, single large dark egg, plate of 3 large brown & plates of 3 and 6 broem bantam eggs.

 Cheshire Show 2016

This is one of the best displays of eggs I've seen outside of the Federation and all entries are of a very high standard. If you have any interest in eggs and get the chance Cheshire is definitely worth a look.

Ashover 2014

Our single dark egg came second, but our plate of three Maran eggs were deemed 'Best eggs In Show'. Very pleased to collect our first silverware for eggs away from the Federation.

Nantwich Show 2014

 We only managed two second places in the Maran egg catagory. Ill-prepared again, although the winner of the the individual Maran egg was stunning.

High Peak Poultry Show 2014

This is a show early in the year. We were lucky that our Marans had started to lay early and we were able to enter some very good quality eggs. The eggs took firsts in all the classes they were entered into.

The Federation Show 2013

We weren't as hopeful this year and had left it to the last minute to collect eggs. December in the High Peak is not always the best time to try and find identical eggs! We managed to find enough for two classes and one contents. Our worries were unfounded as again we took three firsts from three classes.

The Federation Show 2012

This was the first time we had entered our Maran eggs. Three classes entered - three firsts. Very happy!