Updated 23/08/2016:

2016 Gold Laced Brahma - Last
Trio (£70)
2016 Rare Isabella Brahma cockerels £50 ono
2016 Blue Laced Andalusian Cockerel £10
 2016 Rare Mauve/Khaki Silkie Bantams
2016 Blue Silkie Bantam Cockerel-Belgium bloodline £30

Please email for information. Our stocks for sale are constantly changing and we will endeavor to keep it updated. So do visit our site to see what are currently available.

Brahmas and Marans

Due to popularity, we do not usually have stocks for sale that are more than 8 weeks old. Please contact us for availability and reservations.

    Hatching Eggs

    End of the breeding season. No hatching eggs are available until further notice.

    We only sell fertile hatching eggs once we have tested the fertility of the breeding stocks. We may be able to custom hatch to your requirement. Please enquire.

    Eggs will be sent in custom made polystyrene boxes. We will only post eggs between Monday and Thursday. Postage costs for UK by Special Delivery starts from £8.25 for 6 eggs.

     Payment for eggs should be made through paypal or cash on collection.

    ******  Please email ( cluckinggoodchickens@hotmail.co.uk ) to check availability as we do not stockpile eggs and only send fresh eggs. You can also reserve eggs for a set date ******

    We will not sell fertile eggs for hatching that we would not use ourselves or are unsure of the breed's fertility. Our eggs have traveled very well all over the country and have had excellent hatch rates reported from customers. Due to circumstances beyond our control during the postal delivery or your incubation techniques, we cannot guarantee fertility and hatchability. However we are happy to offer any help and advice we can.


    We do make and supply a small number of quality chicken houses. Having spent a small fortune on impractical sheds we designed a house that is hard wearing, waterproof, made from quality materials, chicken friendly, owner friendly!

    The houses are raised off the ground to provide daytime shelter. Most of the front opens, via double doors, ensuring ease of cleaning. There is enough space to store food at night, off the ground and without disturbing roosting birds. There is a separate door for egg collection and space for 2 large (Brahma size) nest boxes. The house are suitable for 8-10 large LF birds, or a larger number of bantams or 'normal' sized chickens.

    Made from new soft wood, with multiple screwed joints, using quality materials, these houses stand up to the Buxton weather - the wood is given 4 coats of preservative stain. The roof is corrugated bitumen which provides adequate ventilation (and no home to red mites!)

    The houses are generally around 1 metre wide x 1.6 metre long, but can be made to order. Colour can also be specified.

    Please contact us for further details and prices





    Copper Black Maran

    Wheaten and Copper Black Marans; Gold and Gold Laced Brahmas

    Silver Blue