Premium poultry seed blend no 1

Exclusive, Unique and specially blended by Clucking Good Chickens.

A welcoming healthy treat for your chickens. Packed full of essential oils and nutrients, our Premium Poultry Seed Blend No 1 contains a whopping 11 seeds and 2 grains. This is an ALL natural seed blend. Some of the seeds included in the mix are Hemp, Mung Beans, Safflower and Linseed which are top quality seeds packed with a high oil content.

• All natural ingredients. No extensive processing. No artificial additives or preservatives. No factory extracted proteins and oils. No chemicals.

• Includes rolled oats and flaked maize. The mild process of micronising and rolling feeds unlocks the nutritious value in the oats and maize, making them easier for digestion.

• With the 13 ingredients included, this will undoubtedly cause a stir at feeding time.

• We have used this seed blend to successfully train and tame different breeds of chickens to get used to being handled by us and to feed from our hands.

• Extremely useful for feeding exhibition poultry in preparation for the shows. The essential oils help maintain the feathers in a good condition and giving it a lovely shine. • This high protein and high energy seed blend is suitable for general supplementary feeding in all types of poultry.

• Highly recommended by our own clucking good chickens – well-liked and verified by them. A very popular treat!

• Sold in a handy easy to use plastic storage container. Please allow time for your poultry to get used to our seed blend. They may not have seen or tasted some of the seeds before. Once they acquired a taste for it, there will be no stopping them. Have a guess which are their favourite seeds.

When feeding seeds to poultry, it is essential that they have access to mixed grit to aid digestion. Why not try our Premium Mixed Grit with added Charcoal, Aniseed and Seaweed? From our experience of keeping and breeding quality chickens, we know that not all poultry products available on the market are suitable or practical to use. At Clucking Good Chickens, we only sell and recommend products that we ourselves use successfully and confidently.